Legal Services for Entrepreneurs in Colorado

Colorado Startups

Hikers helping each otherThis site is a free resource for anyone looking to start a business. I have represented more than two hundred clients in eleven states and two countries, but my practice has a special emphasis on Denver, Boulder, Front Range, and Colorado entrepreneurs. I update the site with blog posts as often as possible. My blog isĀ organized by a number of startup business topics to help you focus your research.

I also have a resources page where I am collecting useful legal materials to help you get started. Additionally, I’m working on an e-book on basic legal issues for entrepreneurs that I’d like to publish soon.

I also host a monthly meetup at Galvanize on Legal Issues for Startups and Entrepreneurs.

If you have any more specific questions, please call me at 720-432-9769 or email me at With the caveat that I cannot provide specific legal advice without establishing an attorney-client relationship, I’m happy to meet with anyone who thinks I might be able to help them.